Thematic Reading List: Neighbors


“Won’t you be my neighbor” is the familiar line from Mr. Rogers’ opening song on his popular television series. Many children live in neighborhoods and have interactions with those in their communities. This list focuses on how neighbors help each other in diverse ways to build each other up or improve their community. We’ve also thrown in a few funny neighborly titles. The books selected are ideal for primary and elementary grades.





9781580897099 The One Day House
By: Julia Durango

A little boy promises his beloved friend, an elderly lady, that one day he will fix up her old house–and his words inspire the other people in the neighborhood to pitch in and get it done.

9780810989719 Around Our Way on Neighbors’ Day
By: Tameka Fryer Brown

A young girl makes her way through an urban neighborhood filled with children playing, men debating, women cooking, and jazz music playing as her community gathers to celebrate “Neighbors’ Day.”

9780811849098 Ivy + Bean
By: Annie Barrows

When seven-year-old Bean plays a mean trick on her sister, she finds unexpected support for her antics from Ivy, the new neighbor, who is less boring than Bean first suspected.

0440421101 Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset sisters
By: Lesley M.M. Blume

Cornelia, eleven-years-old and lonely, learns about language and life from an elderly new neighbor who has many stories to share about the fabulous adventures she and her sisters had while traveling around the world.

1938073932 The Nosyhood
By: Tim Lahan

A couple moves into their new house which is soon filled to overflowing by their neighbors.

9781926973685 My Neighbor is a Dog
By: Isabel Minhos Martins

When a saxophone-playing dog moves in next door to a young girl, the girl is thrilled, but her parents, who do not like the noise or the other animals the dog attracts, feel otherwise.

9780884483267 Sheila Says We’re Weird
By: Ruth Ann Smalley

Sheila comments on her neighbors’ energy-saving habits, like using a wood stove in the winter and drying clothes on a clothesline instead of in the dryer, but she likes their home-grown fruits and vegetables and enjoys making popcorn on the wood stove with them.

9781935954248 On My Street
By: Koos Meinderts

A series of portraits describe a narrator’s whimsically eccentric neighbors, from Mrs. McQueen and Fifi LaPointe to Johnny Deck and Lightfingers Louie.

9780887769139 The Weber Street Wonder Work Crew
By: Maxwell Newhouse

The children that live on Weber Street join together to earn money and help their community.

9780823431984 Mr. Happy & Miss Grimm
By: Antonie Schneider

When Mr. Happy moves next door to Miss Grimm and begins planting gardens and making friendly gestures, Miss Grimm is not pleased but soon, she feels something strange taking over her bleak little house.

51g9egqsFAL._SX476_BO1,204,203,200_ Zen Ties
By: Jon J. Muth

When Stillwater the panda encourages Koo, Addy, Michael, and Karl to help a grouchy neighbor, their efforts are rewarded in unexpected ways.

9781561454334 Albert the Fix-it Man
By: Janet Lord

A cheerful repairman fixes squeaky doors, leaky roofs, and crumbling fences for his neighbors, who return the kindness when he catches a terrible cold.

1499800711 Those Pesky Rabbits
By: Ciara Flood

Bear, who is used to living all alone, does not appreciate his new neighbors who keep knocking on his door and making requests.

9781627792707 Bunny Built
By: Michael Slack

LaRue is the handiest rabbit in Westmore Oaks, and when he grows an enormous carrot, he uses it to help his neighbors.

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