Thematic Reading List: To Become a Princess


Some women are born into royalty while others enter through marriage. Below are 12 books about real-life princesses that describe their lives, good and bad, and what it means to be a princess in various countries throughout history.

0060294809 To be a Princess: the fascinating lives of real princesses
By: Hugh Brewster

Recounts the stories of twelve royal princesses, covering a period from 1516 to the present.

0531217612 Queen Elizabeth II
By: Jennifer Zeiger

Four chapters chronicle Queen Elizabeth II’s life from her birth in 1926 to her current standing as Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

0531217582 Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge
By: Robin S. Doak

Covers Kate’s early life, meeting Prince William, the royal wedding, motherhood, and her life as a duchess.

9781429619547 Diana, Princess of Wales
By: Tim O’Shei

Describes the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

9781554981113 La Malinche: The Princess Who Helped Cortes Conquer the Aztec Empire
By: Francisco Serrano

Examines the life and legacy of Princess Malinali, a Nahuatl princess from the coast lands of Tabasco who used her knowledge of Maya, Nahuatl, and Spanish languages to act as an interpreter when her kingdom was at war with the Aztec Empire.

0689718292 The Last Princess: the story of Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii
By: Fay Stanley

Recounts the story of Hawaii’s last heir to the throne, who was denied her right to rule when the monarchy was abolished.

0786851163 African Princess: the amazing lives of Africa’s royal women
By: Joyce Hansen

This collective biography offers portraits of six women, who lived in times ranging from 3500 years ago to now. Each minibiography provides birth and death dates, if known, for its subject, and then offers a chronicle of the highlights of her life, including details of youth, family, and ascension to various positions of power, whether it be ruler, consort, or government minister.

9781429619585 Princess Kiko of Japan
By: Tim O’Shei

Describes the life of Princess Kiko of Japan.

9780802796752 Real princesses: an inside look at royal life
By: Valerie Wilding

Get the facts about princesses’ past and present–their clothes, their homes, their families, and their fates.

067087163X Anastasia’s Album
By: Hugh Brewster

Anastasia was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and Alexandra of Russia. Anastasia’s life is told through her photographs and letters.

9780984509836 Qutlugh Terkan Khatun of Kirman
By: Shirin Yim Bridges

Presents information about the life of the fourteenth-century Persian noblewoman who was captured and sold into slavery as a child, but whose intelligence, beauty, and compassion led her to become princess, and eventually sole ruler of Kirman after the death of her husband.

51qLgP+wGfL._AC_US218_ Princess Grace of Monaco
By: Tim O’Shei

Before Diana, Princess of Wales, there was Princess Grace of Monaco. Both were blonde, blue-eyed beauties; both died in tragic car crashes; and both will live on in the hearts of millions.


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