Thematic Reading List- Life Through Art 


The Frame-Up by Wendy McLeod MacKnight explores an art museum and paintings. Many books feature paintings and painters as main characters or themes and provide a wealth of opportunities for discussing the importance of art in one’s life. Our Life Through Art reading list provides a list of book options to choose from.

9781935954132 The Man in the Clouds
By: Koos Meinderts

When the Man in the Clouds creates a beautiful painting, people who gaze at it think it is extremely valuable, causing him to become possessive of the painting instead of sharing it, and changing his view of beauty.

9780385252287 The Magic Paintbrush
By: Robin Muller

Given the gift of a magic paintbrush that can bring things to life, a boy comes to learn that the best pictures are the ones made with the heart.

0671883542 Josiah True and the Art Maker
By: Amy Littlesugar

A traveling artist comes to paint the True family’s portrait and makes a special brush for Josiah before she leaves.

0439372941 Chasing Vermeer
By: Blue Balliett

The disappearance of a precious Vermeer painting, coupled with a series of seemingly unrelated and strange events, prompts eleven-year-olds Petra and Calder to combine their talents to solve an international art scandal.

9781554536498 Virginia Wolf
By: Kyo Maclear

When her sister succumbs to a mood that makes the whole family feel topsy-turvy, Vanessa paints a wonderful imaginary place–a beautiful garden complete with a ladder and a swing–in a story loosely based on the writer Virginia Woolf and her artist sister, Vanessa Bell.

0439782252 Lily Brown’s Paintings
By: Angela Johnson

When Lily Brown paints, she imagines all sorts of fantastic things in the scenes that she sees every day.

149980136X Painting Pepette
By: Linda Ravin Lodding

In 1920s Paris, after Josette and her stuffed-animal rabbit Pepette encounter famous artists who try and paint Pepette’s portrait, Josette realizes she is the perfect person to do the painting.

9781416905431 Leonardo’s Shadow, Or, My Astonishing Life as Leonardo da Vinci’s Servant
By: Christopher Peter Grey

Fifteen-year-old Giacomo, servant to Leonardo da Vinci, helps his procrastinating master finish painting “The Last Supper” while also trying to find clues to his parentage and pursue his own career as an artist in late fifteenth-century Milan.

9780060854713 The Art Teacher’s Vanishing Masterpiece
By: David Keane

When a valuable painting is stolen from a local art museum, fourth-grade super-sleuth Joe Sherlock investigates, aided by his sister, Hailey.

1845072901 Celebrity Cat
By: Meredith Hooper

During Cats’ Visiting Night at the art museum, cats tour the masterpieces, but Felissima, disappointed at the lack of cats in the art, remedies the situation using her unique artistic skills, in a story with reworkings of famous paintings, shown alongside the originals.

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