One Book, Many Lessons: Welcome


By: Barroux

When the ice on which three polar bears are standing breaks loose, they seek a new home but find they are unwelcome in most places.

Science: This book could introduce climate change. It could also serve as a first step in learning about animal habitats, with the example being the polar bears, panda bears, giraffes, and monkeys.

Social Studies: The inside book flap states that this book was inspired by the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Depending on the age group, discussions and research could be developed about various worldwide refugee situations in the past and in the present.

Language Arts: Throughout the book many words in the text are in bold, larger font. There is no obvious reason as to why certain words were picked- some are nouns, some are adjectives, etc. To build vocabulary, in reading groups (or in pairs), have readers think of different words to replace those words in bold.

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