One Book, Many Lessons – St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day
By: Joanna Ponto 


To explain how celebrating holidays are important. Discuss why Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 

Math: Use pennies or fake coins to measure “pots of gold” on a scale

Science and Technology: Use the internet to find out how rainbows are formed

Writing prompt: If I found a pot of gold, I would….

Science: Four-Leaf Clover activity: Provide some outside time for hunting for four-leaf clovers. Once back inside, discuss the process of plant growth from winter to spring.

Reading: Tell students that a limerick is a silly and humorous poem. Explain how limericks are created by specific rhyming lines, and how syllables and wording emphasis create a sing-song effect when correctly pronounced. Have students create funny limericks with St. Patrick’s Day themes and then read aloud to others.

Reading #2: Read Irish Folk Tales- Just as many different countries celebrate different holidays, many countries have their own folk tales. Check with your librarian to find Irish folk tales to share with your class. 

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