One Book, Many Lessons : A string of hearts


A new feature to our newsletter, One Book, Many Lessons will spotlight one picture book that can be used as a gateway to lessons in various subjects. Suggestions are very broad to allow teacher creativity and individualization.


A String of Hearts
By: Laura Elliott

Sam’s friend Mary Ann helps him make a special valentine for Tiffany, but when Tiffany does not even notice it, Sam realizes who is really special. Includes facts about the history of Valentine’s Day.

Language Arts: Create construction paper hearts in red, pink, and purple. Have students write a word on each heart that describes love, such as patient, silly, kind, etc. Post each heart on a bulletin board. For one week, encourage students to add a new heart each day.

Art: The book emphasizes creating handmade cards. Reserve special time during the week of Valentine’s Day to create handmade cards for school helpers, such as the custodian, the cafeteria staff, teachers’ aides, etc.

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