One Book, Many Lessons


A new feature to our newsletter, One Book, Many Lessons will spotlight one picture book that can be used as a gateway to lessons in various subjects. Suggestions are very broad to allow teacher creativity and individualization.


Miss Rumphius
By: Barbara Cooney

Alice Rumphius wanted to travel the world when she grew up, and then to live by the sea – just as her grandfather had done. But there is one more thing her grandfather tells her: she must do something to make the world more beautiful.


Social Studies:
Study the countries that Miss Rumphius has visited. The countries that Miss Rumphius visits are not named but can be deduced based on the features described in the text and illustrations.


  • Problem solving and estimation- how much would Miss Rumphius’ travels cost? (choose where you think Miss Rumphius travelled, how she reached her destination, and the distance from her home to the destination)
  • How much would it cost to plant all of the flowers in Miss Rumphius’ town by the sea?


  • Have your student write about a place he/she would like to travel.
  • Have your student write what he/she would do to make the world more beautiful.

1 thought on “One Book, Many Lessons”

  1. I am an elementary librarian teacher and use this book every year with all my patrons. We read it aloud and discuss what we can learn from Alice and her niece as well as write what we can do to make the world more beautiful! Every year the groups I read the book to rate it as an A+ book. The second copy I have in the library is always out which speaks for itself!
    Thank you for the extra lessons!!

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