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A simple search of illustrator R. Gregory Christie produced 41 results. While trying to narrow the search to only award winners to minimize this reading list, I was pleasantly disappointed to see that “narrowing” it down to simply award winners still left me with 24 results. Here they are…






9780807576502 Sugar Hill: Harlem’s historic neighborhood
By: Carole Boston Weatherford
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Rhyming text celebrates the Harlem neighborhood that successful African Americans first called home during the 1920s. Includes brief biographies of jazz greats Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Sonny Rollins, and Miles Davis; artists Aaron Douglas and Faith Ringgold; entertainers Lena Horne and the Nicholas Brothers; writer Zora Neale Hurston; civil rights leader W. E. B. DuBois; and lawyer Thurgood Marshall. Ages 4-8

9781629793061 Answering the Cry for Freedom: stories of African Americans and the American Revolution
By: Gretchen Woelfle
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Step into the shoes of thirteen men and women of color, and discover how the American Revolution rattled the chains of slavery. Woelfle examines the death-defying attempts of black Americans to gain the inalienable rights promised in the Declaration of Independence. By doing so they expanded the boundaries of freedom beyond the Founding Fathers’ intentions. Ages 9-12

9780547235547 Roots and Blues: a celebration
By: Arnold Adoff
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Lyrical text explores how Blues have been part of everyday life throughout history, from its origins in the sounds of the earth, through slaves’ voices singing of freedom, to today’s greatest performers–and listeners. Ages 9-12

9781499801033 Freedom in Congo Square
By: Carole Boston Weatherford
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Six days a week, slaves labor from sunup to sundown and beyond, but on Sunday afternoons, they gather with free blacks at Congo Square outside New Orleans, free from oppression. Includes foreword about Congo Square by Freddi Williams Evans, glossary, and historical notes. Ages 5-9

9780761339434 The Book Itch: freedom, truth & Harlem’s greatest bookstore
By: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Relates the story of the National Memorial African Bookstore, founded in Harlem by Louis Michaux in 1939, as seen from the perspective of Louis Michaux Jr., who met famous men like Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X while helping there. Ages 7-11

9780375924019 The Champ: the story of Muhammad Ali
By: Tonya Bolden
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

A picture book biography of Muhammad Ali, this work traces Ali’s boxing career. Showing him in the ring with many of his famous opponents, it also explains how he got interested in boxing. Ages 7-12

9780761387275 No Crystal Stair: a documentary novel of the life and work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem bookseller
By: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Told by a banker that he should sell fried chicken rather than books, since “Negroes don’t read”, Lewis Michaux defies the odds to build Harlem’s National Memorial African Bookstore, an intellectual center and gathering place from 1939 to 1975. Ages 12-18

9780822567646 Bad News for Outlaws: the remarkable life of Bass Reeves, deputy U.S. Marshal
By: Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Retells the life of Bass Reeves, a former slave who became a deputy U.S. Marshal in the Indian Territory and was exceptional at tracking down fugitives and bringing them to justice. Ages 6-12

0811821684 Stars in the Darkness
By: Barbara M. Joosse
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

A small boy joins with his mother to find a creative way to save his older brother from the dangers of gang violence. Includes a list of organizations and websites dealing with gang prevention. Ages 5-8

9780399251771 Almost Zero: a Dyamond Daniel Book
By: Nikki Grimes
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Dyamonde is angry at her mother for not buying her the shoes she wants, but when she finds out that a classmate is in a worse situation, she is determined to help. Ages 5-9

1584302321 Brothers in Hope: the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan
By: Mary Williams
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Eight-year-old Garang, orphaned by a civil war in Sudan, finds the inner strength to help lead other boys as they trek hundreds of miles seeking safety in Ethiopia, then Kenya, and finally in the United States. Ages 7-11

9781452101194 When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders
By: J. Patrick Lewis
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

In moving verse, Children’s Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis gives new voice to seventeen heroes of civil rights. Exquisitely illustrated by five extraordinary artists, this commanding collection of poems invites the reader to hear in each verse the thunder that lies in every voice, no matter how small. Ages 8-12

0152025227 Jazz Baby
By: Lisa Wheeler
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Baby and his family make some jazzy music. Ages 2-7

0439495229 Dear Mr. Rosenwald
By: Carole Boston Weatherford
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Young Ovella rejoices as her community comes together to raise money and build a much-needed school in the 1920s, with matching funds from the president of Sears, Roebuck, and Company and support from Professor James of the Normal School. Ages 5-10

1880000415 The Palm of My Heart: poetry by African American children
By: Davida Adedjouma
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Honest, wise, and inspiring, each of the twenty poems in this dazzling collection resounds with the unique rhythms of life, as seen through the eyes of African American children. Ages 6-11

1599904187 Our Children Can Soar: a celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the pioneers of change
By: Michelle Cook
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

A poem of African American history enhanced by illustrations. Ages 4-8

1582462607 Yesterday I Had the Blues
By: Jeron Ashford Frame
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

A young boy ponders a variety of emotions and how different members of his family experience them, from his own blues to his father’s grays and his grandmother’s yellows. Ages 4-8

9781600602603 It Jes’ Happened: when Bill Traylor started to draw
By: Don Tate
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

A biography of twentieth-century African American folk artist Bill Traylor, a former slave who at the age of eighty-five began to draw pictures based on his memories and observations of rural and urban life in Alabama. Includes an afterword, author’s note, and sources. Ages 6-11

039924316X The Deaf Musicians
By: Pete Seeger
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Lee, a jazz pianist, has to leave his band when he begins losing his hearing, but he meets a deaf saxophone player in a sign language class and together they form a snazzy new band. Ages 5-9

9780679991861 Only Passing Through: the story of Sojourner Truth
By: Anne F. Rockwell
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Presents a biography of the woman who was born a slave with no status and became one of the most powerful voices in the abolitionist movement. Ages 5-12

9781416902645 Keep Climbing, Girls
By: Beah E. Richards
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Tells in verse how, despite having been threatened with punishment by her elders, a girl just cannot help herself when it comes to climbing and so ventures to the top of the branch in order to demonstrate the special skills she has. Ages 4-8

9781585368198 Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom
By: Steven Sellers Lapham
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

The story of the bronze statue set atop of the dome of the United States Capitol Building in 1863 and the slave who played an integral role in seeing the statue through to completion. Ages 4-7

1584302283 DeShawn Days
By: Tony Medina
Illustrated By: R. Gregory Christie

Based on the author’s own experiences as a child growing up in the projects, a delightful picture book follows DeShawn Williams, who wants to be a rap star and who is terrified that the graffiti in his neighborhood will come alive. Ages 6-11

0823423190 Mousetropolis
By: R. Gregory Christie

In this update of the classic fable, City Mouse and his cousin, Country Mouse, exchange visits and, although they find many things to like in each other’s homes, they quickly learn that each prefers his own. Ages 4-8


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