The Cat in the Hat and Chuck Taylors — A Love Story


It started one Christmas just 5 years ago, my husband gave me Chucks, of whose existence I didn’t even know. Cat in the Hat were my first pair and now I have quite the collection, it just doesn’t seem fair.  The Lorax, the Grinch, If I Ran the Circus, and more, I have Dr. Seuss Converse sneakers galore. (End of Rhyme)

Please excuse my poor attempt at recreating a Dr. Seuss rhyme to describe my obsession with, I mean collection of Dr. Seuss Converse.  As a children’s librarian I had the excuse that each pair of sneakers was like a pair of work shoes for me and it is true they definitely drew the attention of children (and adults) in the library.  How could Converse have ever known they were combining two of my favorite things in this world, Chuck Taylors and Dr. Suess.  I now have 6 pair of Dr. Seuss Converse and my husband and I are forever searching Ebay for more of these limited edition sneakers (women’s size 7 if you are so inclined).  The following Dr. Seuss books have inspired Converse Chuck Taylors. What better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday this month by reading one of his great stories then searching for a pair of used Converse.  Enjoy!

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss The Lorax
By: Dr. Seuss

In a place where the brown Bar-ba-loots frisk and the Humming-Fish splash around, you will find the Lorax. The Lorax speaks of the trees, which the Once-ler is chopping down as fast as he pleases. Will the Once-ler change his destructive ways and heed the wise warnings of the Lorax?  Ages 6-9

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss The Cat in the Hat
By: Dr. Seuss

Poor Dick and Sally. It’s cold and wet and they’re stuck in the house with nothing to do . . . until a giant cat in a hat shows up, transforming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process.  Ages 3-7

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
By: Dr. Seuss

A story in verse in which one creature after another runs into zany situations. Designed to increase students awareness of phonemic patterns and verbal and visual imagery.  Ages 3-7

Oh The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss Oh, The Places You’ll Go
By: Dr. Seuss

Advice in rhyme for proceeding in life; weathering fear, loneliness, and confusion; and being in charge of your actions.  Ages 4-8

If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Zoo
By: Dr. Seuss

Gerald McGrew dreams up his own zoo and how he would stock it. Not with old-fashioned animals, but with exciting new ones–a lion with 10 feet, an elephant-cat, and a family of Joats with squirrel-like coats and voices like goats.  Ages 5-9

If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss If I Ran the Circus
By: Dr. Seuss

A young boy imagines the fantastic animals and incredible acts he will have for his greatest of all circuses.  Ages 5-9

Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who!
By: Dr. Seuss

Horton, the elephant who rhymes his way through life, becomes a hero as he attempts to rescue the miniscule inhabitants of a town so tiny that it fits on a small speck of dust.  Ages 5-9

Hop On Pop by Dr. Seuss Hop On Pop
By: Dr. Seuss

Uses a series of short words that rhyme in situations that stimulate reading skills and develop the ability to associate words and actions.  Ages 3-7

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham
By: Dr. Seuss

All children, even those familiar with the book, will delight as Sam-I-Am, the grouch and their merry sidekicks romp through Dr. Seuss’s colorful landscape.  Ages 3-7

Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss Fox in Socks: Dr. Seuss’s Book of Tongue Tanglers
By: Dr. Seuss

A tricky fox in socks plays tongue-twisting games on his increasingly exasperated friend, Mr. Knox.  Ages 3-7


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